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Academic Coaching

Students of all ages will benefit from coaching, a learning experience that is different from tutoring because it teaches broad learning strategies, skills and techniques that help the student in all academic areas. Coaching  helps students set goals, reflect on their learning, and improve executive functioning skills for lifelong success. Coaching is ideal for students who want help with prioritizing assignments; breaking down assignments into manageable “chunks”; understanding readings/various texts, prompts and directions; setting up a weekly schedule; and improving communication with their teachers and college professors. I specialize in the following:

  • Tailoring learning strategies to the individual, focusing on the executive skills (planning, organizing, problem-solving, task initiation and completion)
  • Reading comprehension techniques
  • Note-taking and graphic organizational skills

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College students who have received special education services in grade school or high school, or who are newly diagnosed, often need help requesting support services or special accommodations from their colleges. But to get this help, they can’t use the same process as the ones they used in grade school or high school. Students who are 18 and older must give their permission to a college if they want their parents and family be a part of this process.

Often, families also want help in understanding which services and accommodations their student may be eligible for in college. Individualized Education Plans, 504s, and educational plans do NOT automatically “transfer over” from high school to college. Families may also want help in understanding recent evaluations, which are often worded in confusing and very specific vocabulary.

I can help students and families with the following:

  • Understanding appropriate academic, classroom, dining and housing accommodations for college students
  • Gaining eligibility for services related to disability at the high school and college level
  • Interpretation of neuropsychological and educational testing results
  • Employment skills and professionalism for working adults



College Readiness

The transition from high school to college is a huge change, especially for students with special needs and those who are coming from a special education background. Students and families have a lot of questions and need help preparing for this exciting journey.

I can help families and students understand how to access support and services at college. I also can help them navigate the dramatic differences in academic schedules and how they impact the way a student manages time.

What’s more, I can help students learn how to balance social life with academic demands; policy and procedures for students with disabilities; and study skills needed for college-level exams, papers and projects. I help families with the following:

  • Academic coaching and skill training
  • Preparation for transition
  • Time management and schedule planning
  • Selecting the right college



Helping learners of all ages develop their potential

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