Coaching for success

Rachel BudayI am a licensed educator and coach who works with children in grades 5 to 12, pre-college young people and adults to help them transcend learning difficulties and gain organizational and life skills that help them succeed.  I help learners of all ages develop their potential and achieve academic success.

My approach is to work with learners to strengthen their “executive functioning” skills, which include planning, organizational strategies, problem-solving, initiating and completing tasks, time management and self-awareness about strengths and weaknesses.  The goal is to help learners build on their strengths and gain lifelong skills that help them succeed in school, college and the workplace.

My 15 years of experience includes teaching and coaching children, teens and adults, and advising other educators on how best to serve those with learning difficulties. I hold a Master’s Degree in teaching, special education and history from Northeastern University. You can find my professional experience summary on LinkedIn at

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Helping learners of all ages develop their potential